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The Steel Bridges of Massachusetts
The Steel Bridges of Massachusetts
10-Jan-2014 / No Comments

New England is a land drenched in history.  Cobblestone streets, costumed characters, and endless tours confirm this nearly fantastical theme from Boston to Bar Harbor.  However, most times it seems too distant to actually experience.  While you walk the same streets as Paul Revere, you can't quite imagine him grabbing a pint at the Bell In Hand next to the sorority girl working on her third attempt at an acceptable selfie.  In some respects, it's difficult to appreciate those historical subtleties when the current context is so contradicting.  At those times, you have to escape the city limits and find those monuments that still stand testament to a past life.  Things that are tangible, able to be experienced, almost precisely as they were before.  Some of my personal favorite artifacts for this purpose would have to be steel bridges. more →

Living Free in 603
Living Free in 603
26-Jul-2013 / No Comments

The month of July is a beautiful thing not to be wasted.  Beyond sun and warm waters, there's a fleeting island of opportunity that exists solely within the borders of 50 states.  Some call it Fourth of July; I prefer to think of it as Manifest Destiny. more →

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