City bathrooms are normally quite bare bones.  In the absence of adequate storage or accents, turning to a DIY alternative can offer a creative solution.  May I introduce the wine crate cabinet.

Wine crates can be found at most any flea market, yet they’re not created equal.  The branding is unique for each winery, and some evoke warmer textures than the average box.  The two I discovered cost only $7, and actually came from establishments in the state.  It might be a profitable inquiry to call local wineries to see if they have any available before you begin your search.  Once you’ve found your boxes, it’s time to fabricate.  This couldn’t be more simple.  I disassembled my less favorite box, cut pieces to length, and inserted them into the pre-cut grooves of the favorite crate. A few nails to keep things in place, and you’re done.  When hanging, be sure to find a stud, and some metal hangers can secure the weight.