Three hour, late night rides bundled in blankets.  Brief naps and watching lights stream by would pass the time.  Perhaps even a bulky portable TV would glow a Disney VHS.  An arbitrary battle over the minivan’s wide back seat would normally commence the journey, yet every trip to Grandma’s house would end in the same warm welcome.

While the traditions and destinations differ, most trips to one’s Grandma’s house evoke the same warm connotations.  Secret treats, funny tasting water, treasured ice cream shops, and vintage furniture make for plenty of delights to explore.  Some of the Wolynec traditions involve flying paper airplanes from the top of the stairs into the living room, mandatory trips to Pepe’s Pizza, double-cones at Dip Top, sledding hills on the golf course, put-put golf on the driveway, and wiffle ball games.

Making the home further unique was my grandfather’s architectural design of the lofty living room, cubby entry mudroom, and my grandmother’s garden spanning the entire property.  On my last visit to this home I captured the elements of this place that hold the greatest significance from years past.