Counting the number of holidays on the calendar, it quite obvious one’s favorite comes down to personal preference.  Depending on the ranking order of colored eggs, chocolate hearts, or Turduckens, your favorite time of year could fall on any season.  However, for those from the “Live Free or Die” state, an assumption that the Fourth of July takes precedent over the rest, isn’t stretching the truth.

Growing up on Arlington Pond in North Salem, NH did provide its advantages.  Primarily, it served as a front row seat for a rural interpretation of true independence.  All the festivities start with a short road trip to Sparks Fly Fireworks in Concord.  Not only supplying the most visually stimulating fireworks, Sparks Flys also sells everything at buy-one-get-one-free.  Thus, you buy a 500 gram Openfire cake, you get a 500 gram Loud-n-Rowdy cake.  Perfection.  Next, you secure a lakeside, or better yet a boat, spot to watch as neighbors compete in a fireworks display and thousands of dollars explode overhead.

Feeling a bit more rowdy?  Many individuals (including my younger brother) take it to the next level by shooting a charge out of a cannon.  Yes, you read that correctly.  You’ll know it happened when the foundation of your house shakes, and an applauding chorus resounds across the lake.  Roman candle fights push the limits, as well as trucks riding by shooting fireworks out of their bed into the tree canopy above.  When the last cake is fired and the bonfire dies, you’ve just experienced a true holiday celebration.

God bless America.