As we prepare for Opening Day at Fenway Park, while simultaneously being blanketed in snow, fond memories of its sun soaked 100th anniversary carry promise of summer’s approach.  Last year, I wanted to capture this anniversary and the activity it incited across the city.  After considering how to accomplish this, I landed on the team that is in the heart of the spectacle, the Boston Pedicab.  With the help of a close friend, we attached a GoPro to the handlebars of his pedicab.  Taking pictures every few seconds, we captured over 3,500 images of the day.

Below is a short video from this collection along with the highlight images from this summer day.

Boston Pedicab Fenway Park


DJ Night TrainWe caught DJ Nite Train in the mix!

100th Aniversary of Opening Day at Fenway Park from Caleb Hutchings on Vimeo.